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By definition, a club is made up of a group of people with something in common. Yoga may be what brings us together, but we are also bound by other things, like our values: authenticity, inclusivity, and positivity.


Whether you are just starting on your yoga journey, currently have a regular practice, or are somewhere in the middle, you will find something here to fit your needs.

These days, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t think that practicing yoga can enhance the collective well-being its participants. Our yoga offerings are designed to bring these benefits to individuals, small groups and corporate wellness programs and are always customized to best serve your needs. For more information, click on the area of interest to the left or contact us directly.

Please note: Due to the nature of a yoga practice, we are still offering bespoke 1:1 yoga, small group classes, workshops and corporate wellness programing, however, they are currently taking place via Zoom.


You never have to miss a practice again!

Transforming a virtual force to
the spiritual level

With the shift to online teaching and so many of you switching to a home practice in 2020, the next logical step was to offer you a video library of classes on demand. Now we can practice together whenever and where ever you like! You can purchase stand alone classes or bundles and they are yours to keep. Check back often—new classes will be added regularly!


  • Julie M.
    It has been my pleasure to be a student of Jolie's, on the NH Seacoast. Her yoga classes offer an inspiring balance of strength and relaxation. No matter what your experience level is, Jolie will give you the tools you need to take that pose to the next level, or she will move you over just a touch, to enjoy where you already are even more. If you are looking for a class that is both peaceful and energetic, you definitely need to drop in!
    Julie M.
  • Debbie K.
    “I've practiced various forms of yoga for 5 years. Jolie is among the few instructors I've practiced with who is also an athlete and her experience informs her teaching (which as a runner, I really appreciate!). She's an informed, compassionate teacher who is considerate of her student's abilities. At the beginning of class, she asks students if they have any physical issues that may interfere with their individual practices. She then introduces poses during class to address those issues; her classes are tailored to the varying abilities of her students. She also has a calming presence that is evident throughout. Participating in Jolie's classes is a joy!
    Debbie K.
  • Jennifer R.
    I have been practicing yoga for over six years and have learned from many instructors. Jolie is fantastic! She has the perfect balance of light-heartedness and knowledge that keeps class both fun and challenging. She explains the poses well, and their modifications, cueing them so that every level of student knows what to do. Safety is always a concern, and she is careful to make sure poses are done correctly to avoid injury. She makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome in her classes and is very supportive throughout class. I am so grateful that she is teaching in this area because I enjoy her classes so much!
    Jennifer R.
  • Alexa S.
    I am a twenty-one year old sprint triathlete who loves to cross train with CrossFit and Yoga. I have been taking Ashtanga yoga from Jolie for two years and have attended various workshops taught by Jolie. I attribute the success of my yoga practice and skill to the teaching and dedication of Jolie to her profession and love for what she does. Each time I attend classes, Jolie helps me push myself a little further in my yoga practice, whether it be a deeper stretch, more focused breathing or an all around more intense practice. The workshops that I have attended range from basic principals of Ashtanga yoga to a more in-depth understanding of the Primary Series. With each workshop, Jolie has brought her knowledge, expertise and experience to promote and advance the students’ learning. Over these past two years of knowing Jolie, she has been a wonderful resource for knowledge on exercise, diet and opportunities in the physical fitness arena. Jolie is a wonderful and committed instructor, as well as friend.” friend.
    Alexa S.
  • Steve B.
    “Thanks for introducing me to yoga. I can't tell you what a difference it has made in my life. You and these classes have been my saving grace this summer. Please be affirmed and encouraged in what you do. I truly desire to explore, discover, grow and progress in what you have stirred in me.
    Steve B.
  • Laura R.
    Jolie’s yoga classes and workshops have guided me bodily, mindfully and spiritually with ease. She consistently finesses a balance between no-nonsense expertise and laid back humor. She holds the class in a free and upbeat yet peaceful vibration. I can say from my experience with her, in and out of class, Jolie embodies HEALTH all the way around. Personally, she is extremely inspirational in my evolution to becoming the best me I can be.
    Laura R.
  • Sarah O.
    Jolie is a truly inspiring yoga instructor. She leads the class through various asanas with consideration and mindfulness. Her calming nature helps students to delve deeper into the meditative practice, while staying present in the moment. I leave her classes with a sense of peacefulness and serenity. I would recommend Jolie’s classes for students of all ages and levels- with or without an athletic background.
    Sarah O.
  • Makena H.
    Thanks, again, for the wonderful set of 10 yoga classes held at my house. I feel it gave me a great start and personalized introduction to Ashtanga Yoga which was then geared to my specific needs and issues. I'm so glad I bought the big package from you as it gave us plenty of time to cover a lot of territory! I would definitely recommend to others to take some private lessons from you. You are such an inspiration!
    Makena H.
  • Linda S.
    Hey Jolie, I just want to thank you again for a terrific weekend workshop! I felt terrific, and tired, all weekend! You did a great job explaining the postures, demonstrating them and giving us modifications. The workshop really helped me deepen my practice on all levels. I want to do yoga all the time, I've found my passion!!!!! Thank you!
    Linda S.
  • Joy M.
    Awesome weekend of intensive Ashtanga with Jolie. I highly recommend it!
    Joy M.
  • Chris D.
    Just wanted say OUTSTANDING 'Yoga for Athletes' class yesterday ay Empower Yoga! Will highly recommend to other fellow runners and triathletes for you future classes.
    Chris D.
  • Pat B.
    Developing my Yoga practice with Jolie has been one of the very best experiences of my life. Writing as one over fifty (actually considerably over fifty!), that takes in a good bit of territory; but it is no exaggeration. The fact of my age is probably even one of things that I find most remarkable about what Jolie brings to this undertaking. Coming, as did I, quite late in one’s life to the practice of Yoga can be somewhat off-putting, intimidating, and just plain overwhelming; but not with Jolie as one’s instructor and guide! With great patience and kindness she urges those she teaches on, but never pushes in such a way that one becomes uncomfortable or discouraged. And oh, those lovely, gentle words of praise when a particularly difficult pose is mastered, or even just improved upon. A late afternoon class with Jolie is the never fail antidote to a hectic, frustrating day! But the area where Jolie shines particularly is one-on-one, in private session. I treated myself to a set of private classes this past summer, and will definitely do so again when my schedule allows. It was, quite simply, the best thing I did all summer. I have found that many of things we worked on, even just talked about together, have stayed with me, and are of great value, as I seek to deepen my practice I know that Jolie has a large and enthusiastic following among those lucky enough to have encountered her, but none more so than I. I do look forward to continuing my personal Yoga path with Jolie!
    Pat B.
  • Michael A.
    Yoga for Athletes requires more muscle control and balance focus than any other cross-training that I have performed. As a soccer player who cross-trains regularly, I believe this training will translate to better overall flexibility and strength yielding better mobility and higher performance on the field. Being a yoga novice, I strengthened, stretched and engaged more muscles in this core, hip, and hamstring-targeted workout than I ever have before. Jolie intricately combined and layered strength and balance poses that correlate directly to strengthening my athletic core. I encourage any athlete who wants an intense, deep muscle core training session to attend this class!
    Michael A.
  • Deb A.
    When you are in class with Jolie, you always find yourself smiling at some point. Her lighthearted, straightforward, and kind demeanor creates an accepting environment that meets the needs of yogis of all levels. Combine this with Jolie’s amazing depth and breadth of Ashtanga yoga knowledge, and you have a teacher whose classes you will not want to miss and will look forward to each week.
    Deb A.
  • Marie H.
    Jolie has been instrumental in making my first year of practicing yoga both rewarding and enjoyable. Her consciousness of all the different levels of her students has made me feel comfortable as well as challenged in all of her classes. No matter how large the group, she always seems to see what everyone is doing, offering specific and insightful tips throughout. Even though it is evident that her own skills are impressive, she presents herself in a very approachable manner, which has made her classes less intimidating than I expected as a beginner. Her thoughtfulness combined with her ability make her an amazing instructor. I always look forward to class when I know that Jolie will be teaching!
    Marie H.
  • Debbie S.
    After many years of high impact sports including over 30 years of running, I was experiencing some back and hip pain attributed to tight musculature. I began looking towards yoga to help stretch my tight muscles and offer a new, more balanced perspective on fitness. As I searched for a yoga class that would meet my needs, I began taking classes from Jolie. After approximately one year, I have observed how Jolie is able to integrate her knowledge of health and fitness into her yoga classes to benefit each student specifically. She offers a vigorous athletic approach to her practice, which she shares with us in every class. She challenges her students to strive for their personal best both on and off the mat. As we strive to master our yoga poses, Jolie is always willing to offer assistance both in and out of class. As a result of participation in Jolie's classes, I have been able to open up my body and make gains in flexibility that I was lacking. In addition, my back pain has disappeared! I still strive to master certain poses, and I know Jolie will continue to help me achieve another "personal best" in every class! Thank you, Jolie!
    Debbie S.
  • Dawn T.
    Today I took a yoga class... one among many but I have to say for me this was the BEST. Practicing yoga for several years and finding an instructor who teaches Ashtanga yoga is a challenge. Today I found what I was seeking. THANK YOU, JOLIE!
    Dawn T.
  • Lynn A.
    Jolie, Thank you for the weekend. It was really nice to take the time to really see the postures and then to try it myself. I feel like I learned a lot and it was such a comfortable place to be. I will definitely recommend this workshop and look forward to attending more!
    Lynn A.
  • Becky L.
    Jolie loves to share her yoga with everyone. She is always mindful of her student’s existing injuries, and specific needs, which allows for a safe environment where everyone feels appreciated and more confident in the practice. She has an ability to offer encouragement at just the right time and she delights in seeing each student develop and transform. I feel fortunate each time I walk into one of her yoga classes. She always greets me with a warm smile and makes me feel like I belong.
    Becky L.
  • Jennifer R.
    Jolie brings extensive knowledge, immense kindness, and just the right amount of humor to her classes. I just love practicing yoga with her!
    Jennifer R.
  • Cathleen T.
    Great yoga teacher, especially for athletes!
    Cathleen T.
  • Alicia C.
    Jolie is a highly inspirational teacher. She provides a well rounded, personalized, structured, disciplined and nurturing practice for people at all levels. She is a highly knowledgeable detail oriented athlete and mentor. Her dynamic classes provide energy, flow, strength, release, wisdom, and mindfulness.
    Alicia C.


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