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Becoming a teacher doesn’t mean that we know everything, or that we need to know everything. The best teachers are often the best students. Those who continue to learn. To seek. There is no end to knowledge, so finding opportunities to study topics that you are interested in and that you find helpful to you and your practice/teaching is powerful. Before I became a teacher, I found a mentor to help me improve my understanding of yoga and how my body interacts with the physical practice. After I started teaching, I began (and still continue) to reach out to fellow teachers—sometimes for a chat over a cup of coffee where the conversation organically flows over various subject matters; other times, by way of attending workshops and lectures with a specific focus in mind.

You may discover that yoga teacher training covers a broad swath of topics that will help you get your footing as you prepare for your teaching journey. But once you graduate, you may find that you have more questions than you did when you signed up for the program. Maybe you are considering becoming a teacher and need some solid insight into program selection. Perhaps you have been teaching a while and need some fresh perspective or a set of eyes on what you are currently offering. That’s where mentorship can be a game changer!

I am here to support you as a new or emerging instructor; to be a sounding board for ideas; to bring you a combination of real life experience and practical knowledge on a variety of topics to help you grow as a teacher. For those who are more established, I can give insight on expanding your offerings, identifying opportunities, and up leveling your teaching and brand. The business of yoga can be a complicated landscape to navigate. Fortunately, with a mentor, you don’t have to do it alone.

Perhaps the most unique and exciting part of this mentorship model is that it includes the options of working together on a monthly basis as well as an hourly support format. At the end of the day, personalizing your experience will have an impact on your journey.
Below are some examples* of the modules and topics to be covered. Some modules may be done independently, others require a commitment to the course.

The Art and Science of Teaching

- Getting Started
- Finding Your Authentic Voice
- Practice Teaching with Feedback
- Enhancing Your Online Presence
- Verbal Cueing
- Organization of Class/Course Curriculum

Asana Lab

- Working Through Challenges in Your Own Practice
- How to Break Down and Teach Complex Postures
- Monthly Asana Focus

Functional Anatomy

- Key Features and Functions of the Bones, Joints, and Muscles
- Understanding How to Read Bodies
- Applying Functional Anatomy to Your Teaching
- How and When to Use Props

The Business of Yoga

- What it Means to be an Independent Yoga Teacher/Contractor vs an Employee
- Registering with Yoga Alliance vs being a Certified Teacher
- Insurance. What Kind do I Need?
- Discovering Your Brand
- Using Online Platforms and Social Media
- Defining Your Audience
- Cultivating a Well-Balanced Yoga Business
- How to Make Teaching Yoga a Career

Specialty Courses

- Creating a Workshop
- Teaching 1:1/Private Yoga to Clients
- Corporate Yoga and Wellness Programs
- Sequencing Support

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