Today's corporate culture places more demands on the business professional than ever before. In addition to the intrinsic duties of one's position, managing the constant barrage of email, voice mail, instant messages, text messages and pings can add additional stress to daily life. Such multi-tasking zaps attention from the concentrated engagement and focus required in today's competitive workplace. The end result is low energy, high anxiety and stress, and, very often, poor work/life balance.

By incorporating yoga into your workplace wellness program, employees can operate more energetically, manage their stress load more effectively, be more present at work, and--perhaps most importantly--enjoy quality time with their loved ones.

My programs are not "woo woo" or "new age-y." They are built on a system of yoga that incorporates a flow of breath and movement. Since breath is one of the most important regulators of energy, participants leave each session feeling the benefits of both physical exertion and renewal as well as a sense of calm. They can return to their workspace with a clear mind, more energy, and better concentration to get the job done. Corporate clients include the Timberland Company, Abenaki Timber Corporation and Bauer.

While the pandemic had me running my corporate programs in my virtual studio, via Zoom, I am back to in-person sessions where possible. If I can help you integrate yoga into your workplace, please reach out! Contact me.


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As with all exercise, check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program. By accessing our classes and videos, you understand that you are participating at your own risk. Yoga can provide great benefits to your life, but please use caution and common sense to avoid injury. Neither or Jolie Yonker will be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of participating in our live classes, online videos, or from information shared on our website, including emails, videos and text. Thanks for your understanding. Enjoy!