Yoga Foundations - Beginner's Series

If you’ve been curious about starting a yoga practice but have felt intimidated about checking out different studios, this class series is for you! Each week will feature a different focus to help you improve balance, strength and flexibility. There will also be an exploration of connecting breath and movement in a mindful way, a break down of the Sun Salutations, and how/when to use props so that participants will feel comfortable walking into any yoga class once they've completed the series. The intimate class size allows for individual attention where it is needed, giving participants the skill set and tools to make the practice truly their own.

Traditional Yoga for Modern Day Yogis - An Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga

Did you know that pretty much every yoga class you attend includes postures that are part of the Ashtanga Yoga system? No matter how creative the class sequence or "theme" may be, the foundation of the practice is likely steeped in the Ashtanga tradition--particularly the Primary Series.

Join me for this three part workshop where we will explore the traditional approach to Ashtanga yoga in a way that can be translated to your practice--regardless of which style of yoga or studio you call home!
Since the typical 60-minute class simply isn't long enough to share the bounty of postures that make up the full Primary Series, I've designed this workshop to be an opportunity for practitioners of all levels to learn more about the full first series.

Saturday's clinics will be broken into two sessions. During these classes, special attention will be paid to alignment, modifications and the bio-mechanics of each asana (posture) including the infamous chaturanga. In short, you will learn how YOUR body moves so that you can show up and practice in a safe and informed way each and every time you hit the mat. We will practice while breaking down difficult poses, finding the modifications that work for your body and have a great time while doing it. There will be opportunities to pause, take notes, and ask questions during both sessions.

The weekend workshop will culminate on Sunday with an Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series practice. This is a led class with traditional pacing and cues. A great opportunity to experience this dynamic practice and infuse it with your newly gained knowledge!

Because many workshops begin early and end late in the day, I wanted to be sure that you could come and soak up the knowledge and experience that will be shared during all three sessions without having to surrender your entire weekend. I do hope that you will join me!

This workshop is appropriate for those with some yoga experience as well as seasoned practitioners and teachers.

The Take Aways - What You Will Learn:

- The safe and optimal ways to enter/exit a posture
- About the “victorious breath” and its benefits to your practice AND daily life
- How to balance muscular engagement and relaxation so you can bring the asanas into a fuller expression with ease
- Injury prevention
- Why its important to work with your body and not fall prey to a cookie-cutter approach to teaching

The Details:

Saturday - Primary Series Clinic Part 1 (9am - 1130am)
The Primary Series will be explored in a way that is approachable for all participants. Some yoga experience is required.

Saturday - Primary Series Clinic Part 2 (1pm - 3pm) A continuation of asana breakdown followed by a discussion about the Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga and the yoga of everyday life.

Sunday - Traditional Ashtanga Primary Series practice (9-11am)

Pre-register for all three and save! $125 for the entire weekend. Sign up today as space is limited.

Individual session pricing:

Primary Series Clinic - Part I & II ($55 per session)
Led Primary Series class ($35 for this session)

Inversion Immersion!

Going upside-down can be a powerful experience--especially when done with proper alignment and intention. Relying on force or momentum may get you there, but there is also a potential risk of over-shooting into an injury. We will break down the many intricacies of some common inversions and arm balances to help you better understand the mechanics of these powerful poses. Get the tools you need to go upside-down in a graceful, playful, controlled, and focused manner as well as how to use walls, partners and props for different variations and modifications.

You will learn:

* The #1 reason people get hurt when doing inversions
* How to overcome your fear of going upside-down
* A simple, structured way to safely enter an inversion in your home or studio practice
* Why breaking thru your insecurity with inversions can lead to a stronger asana practice
* And more!

This workshop is suitable for yoga students with body awareness who have been practicing for at least six months.
Class size is limited to 12. Please sign up soon to avoid being placed on a waitlist! Cost to attend is $35. (Sign up using the link below.)


Escape the buzz of your busy life and surround yourself with the tranquility and sheer beauty of Maui!

A retreat is an active and mindful way to vacation while traveling to places on your bucket list. You’ll stay at a luxury resort in paradise with twice daily yoga classes available to you--all at a phenomenal price! That leaves plenty of time for you to explore all that Maui has to offer. It’s a sanctuary for the mind, body, and soul. Join me!

Your registration includes:

Six days/five nights at the luxurious Grand Wailea, a Waldorf- Astoria Resort, applicable taxes and fees, welcome reception, 12 yoga classes and walking meditations to choose from, one 30-minute private yoga session with Jolie Yonker, and more!

Only 20% down claims your space!


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