M: private clients
T: 915-1030am (Level 2 - Intermediate); 530-630pm (Level 2/3 - Intermediate/Advanced)
W: 3-345pm (Level 2 - Intermediate)
T: 915-1015am (Level 2 - Intermediate)
F: schedule varies
Sat: no public classes; reserved for workshops
Sun: 3-430pm (Primary/Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Yoga)

Please note: During live streaming classes, Jolie will be cueing and demonstrating the poses while maintaining the practice pace and breath cadence.


Level 2 - Intermediate:

These classes are well-suited for the practitioner who has some yoga experience and wants to gain a deeper understand of alignment principles as they apply to their own body. More advanced postures will be introduced with a “stepping stone” approach via detailed cues, allowing each practitioner to find the most appropriate expression for them.

Level 2/3 - Intermediate/Advanced:

These classes are designed for practitioners who are more experienced and have a solid understanding of breath and movement. Attendees will be introduced to “peak” poses by way of mindful, progressive sequencing, which help each person find the right combination to unlock their potential on (and off) the mat. Bring your sense of adventure!

Level 3 - Advanced:

Attendees should have a regular yoga practice, as fewer alignment-based cues are given. This practice is athletic in nature and is not appropriate for beginners.

Primary/Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Yoga:

The Ashtanga Yoga system consists of six different series of postures (or asanas), each with a specific, sequential order. The series of postures in the Primary Series involves different kinds of forward bends, which are meant to help tone and purify the organs and nervous system. Many of the Primary Series asanas may be familiar as different yoga studios/styles include them in their classes. By synchronizing the tristana of breath, movement and gaze points, participants will experience a moving meditation that is both athletic and calming/centering at the same time. We introduce postures from the Intermediate Series on the first Sunday of each month.

Class is led with traditional pacing and cues. Personalized attention and use of props available as well. Participants should have some understanding of or experience with Ashtanga yoga prior to coming to class as it may not be suitable for most beginners. (That said, if you are interested in attending these classes but have not practiced Ashtanga yoga, please contact me. While I maintain a deep reverence for the tradition and lineage of Ashtanga yoga, my classes are taught in an approachable and lighthearted way.) These classes are 75-90-minutes long including savanna (rest).


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As with all exercise, check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program. By accessing our classes and videos, you understand that you are participating at your own risk. Yoga can provide great benefits to your life, but please use caution and common sense to avoid injury. Neither or Jolie Yonker will be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of participating in our live classes, online videos, or from information shared on our website, including emails, videos and text. Thanks for your understanding. Enjoy!